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Home. The place we spend our lives with our loved ones. We learn its space, shape it and share it with family, friends, relatives, and even our pets. We live the biggest part of our lives there and we look for it when we need it.
That's why we have to make appropriate choices on furniture and the way we decorate it.

A house consists of rooms, each with its own layout, function and utility. Based on these data we can distinguish them in three main categories: Reception area, mainly spaces and wellness areas -

The reception of the house is the first image, the first impression you will get for your personal space. A hall with a table, a chair and a monk are ideal to welcome the visitor. You can add some soft colors, either a medium sized mat.
These are the essentials for anyone to welcome.

The main areas of the house are living room and kitchen. We spend most of our time on them and gather together family and guests to talk and have fun.
The basic requirement is that there is the necessary furniture to be able to accommodate everyone so that the environment is harmonious and pleasant. Nice and simple suggestions for the living room are e.g. a corner sofa, an overhanging armchair, a coffee table and a light illumination floor. For the kitchen,
a table large enough and stable comfortable chairs are what you need. Some decorative touches, such as a plant or a special wall clock, give a more interesting note!

The wellness area would be said to be the bathroom. It is a special room. It needs to be intimate, beautiful and bright,
to be a space made to exude relaxation and well-being for personal use such as when you want to make a hot shower. For this reason, its decoration must be simple, with earth tones and shades of blue of the sea, so that you feel close to nature.

The room for relaxation and relaxation is the bedroom
. Sleep is a basic necessity, so that man can cope with the difficulties of modern life. A large bed, comfortable soft pillows, a bedside lamp with a lamp and a curtain to adjust natural light is a simple layout proposal. The colors you choose can be either earthy soft shades, such as beige,
brown and green, either more intense and dark for a modern style. The final choice and preference is yours!

Every home furniture has its own, distinctive role in our lives. If we think of an empty room with white walls, in order to live, we must choose the right tones,
to add the furniture of our choice and to make the appropriate layout. So the house will turn into our warmest and most beautiful sanctuary!