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The decoration of a space is an environment designed by the artist. A student, a family man, a wealthy man will choose to make his own separate space. What determines, however, the decoration as properly structured?
This article will give you an idea for you to understand and apply it with the appropriate techniques.
   Let us first focus on its role. Foreground,
the decoration is created by man so that he can order the objects in the place where he lives and works to meet his basic and psychological needs. In a second role, the placement and selection of the elements is based on the criterion of artistic exploration and innovative ideas. However,
we will focus on techniques for simple spaces such as home or work.
   The main part with which we start is color choices. Color choice is decisive as it decorates the largest surfaces. Each color has its own character and symbolism ... A more intense color adds tension, passion, life,
while a more dull is weaker, smoother and distinctive. Do not be afraid to explore the shades of white and black. Your choice will be based on the use and feel you want the space to have. So you will find the color that suits you.
   Since we chose the colors,
the next step is the location of furniture and decorative elements in the space. There are several synthesis theories based on mathematical computations, psychology (ZEN theory), artistic touches or our own simple taste and character. All these have one main feature: ergonomics.
The mathematical theories want the furniture to be placed at distances with exact figures to be the maximum functional eg for the living room: 45 cm between the sofa and the coffee table, 65 to 90 cm between the sofas and so on.

    In psychology we have the theory of ZEN.
It is claimed to calm the spirit and energy in the environment. Especially for the workplace, there is better efficiency and creativity than its executives. A darker color on the walls combined with light wood and fabrics,
flower pattern for a sense of nature and natural lighting by placing the desk and computer near the window. This will make the place a creative retreat!

   Artistic touches need little attention. In order to balance the composition, they must be matched correctly,
because some stand on their own as works of art. So it is good, whether their number is specific, or there is some expert assessment for their appropriate placement.

  Finally, we end up with our own personal choices, our temperament and taste,
which makes each one as well as our own space. What better than living in a home with warmth, tranquility and seeing your people happy and full of energy. From when you are a student who chooses on your own the furniture you put in your first home,
or the business you think you are opening and you are looking forward to bringing a lot of people to meet her until you make a family and fill the walls with frames with your loved ones ...
  The more knowledge about decoration, the better your life will be.
That's why we need it ... to create our most beautiful memories!