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+30 2170 009700 +30 2710 227758

Payment methods

1. Repayment

Payment on delivery is only for orders that will be shipped by courier.

2. Payment by credit card

Possibility of payment by credit card, debit or prepaid, of any Bank.

Your transaction and your personal details are secured by Eurobank.

E-astro offers you the option to pay with interest-free installments as below:

· 0-200 €                   0 Installments

· 201-500 €              3 Installments

· 501-1000 €            5 Installments

· 1000-1500 €          8 Installments

1500 € and over    10 installments

3. Payment through Paypal

4. Deposit in a bank account

Payment by bank deposit to our company:

· Eurobank GR5002601260000270200636780

Account Holder: Kamvas-Panagiotopoulos IKE

· Alpha Bank GR7901406710671002002002058

Account Holder: Kamvas-Panagiotopoulos IKE

· National Bank GR8101104780000047844047937

Account Holder: Kamvas-Panagiotopoulos IKE

· Piraeus Bank GR6201725030005503068609593

Account Holder: Kamvas-Panagiotopoulos IKE

After completing your deposit, please send us the receipt at sales@e-astro.gr to promote your order.

5. Receipt and payment of the amount in the store

To pick up and pay the amount in the store, simply pick up the store in the shipping mode.


According to the new tax provisions in force, documents of a value of € 500 or above issued to individuals or to self-employed persons or companies should be repaid only by bank deposit or by credit / debit card or by Paypal.